Wedding photography

If you are checking this page, probably, you have made one of the most important decisions, to bound yourself with your soul mate. It is really great! Congratulations!

Of course, we don’t know what is your experience, but for us, it occurred that after the initial euphoria, we started to realize that actually now we have so many things to prepare… The wedding day must be perfect! We have to select the date, find the best location, don’t forget to invite somebody, hairstyle, makeup, dress, wedding rings, shoes, transport, food, schedule, entertaining, flowers, design… there are so many more things, which need to be taken into account! Let us help you at least with one thing – we will make the photos, which will help you to memorize this special day forever!

We believe that wedding photography is one of the most essential parts of the whole event! It is not just to post on FB and Instagram that “we are married”, but for many years you will open your wedding album and live through these emotions again and again! Have you ever watched the wedding album from your parents together with them? Isn’t it an unforgettable feeling?

All packages include:


Meeting prior to the wedding day when we will discuss all the details to make everything perfect

Professional retouch

All photos will be color graded and with the basic retouch. Key close-up shots will also include advanced retouch.

Hi res

All photos are in high resolution and prepared for printing.

All details captured

We will make sure that nobody and nothing is missing on the photos. We will capture all the important moments!

Have you decided?

Have you decided to book your wedding photoshoot? Here is the brief plan

Choose the date

Do you have the data for your special already? It is no problem if not, contact us, we will try to pre-book a couple of dates, which you are considering

Contact us

It is the best if you contact us as early as possible, to ensure we are still available on your date.

Sign the contract

We will sign the contract. At that moment we take the deposit of 30%. Your date is booked now!

Meet with us

We will go through all the details, schedule etc.

Let's prepare

We will stay in touch before the wedding. We will assist you during the preparations to ensure perfect results on the wedding day.

Enjoy the day

The wedding day is your day! Just enjoy! We will make sure all the memories are captured!

Contact us

Do you want to book a photoshoot? Have any questions? Contact us!

    * All prices on our website are for informational purposes only and are not a public offer. The final cost of services is negotiated individually.

    ** By default, we retouch photos, removing skin imperfections as needed, adjusting the background, etc. If you DO NOT want your photos to be retouched and prefer to receive them only with basic color grading, please, let us know about your decision before the photoshoot.